“Floral body adornment was once a common ceremonial practice across Cape York Peninsula and today art allows us to remember and bring to life this sophisticated cultural practice.”

The cultural significance adds a twist to the narrative of A Warrior without a Weapon series. While the photographs show a human softness, they are a clear reference of cultural identity. Flower adornment in beards is an acknowledgement of a Cult Hero from our area. Coen people have awareness of this.

The photo positions I have chosen to reflect my relationship with the subject along kinship lines.

Each photograph required a discussion about the concept and the narrative. Of being portrayed to demonstrate a loving side of indigenous men.

Being a member of the Coen community, and being known as an artist at home, whenever I develop a body of work, there is always an enthusiasm from people to be involved.

There is a human trust in my messaging and our people have pride in themselves and what they stand for.